Hey Everyone,

A couple years ago I was your everyday finance major. I was ambitious and at the bottom of the investment world. I actually dreamed about putting in the long hours. Proving myself, working my way up. I wanted to live in investment capitals around the world.  

Travel. Living abroad. That’s what it was always really about. It seemed so far from reach. The cubicle walls were closing in. I had one sliver of a window to see the sky outside. I had to imagine the air. The damn windows wouldn’t open. I was suffocating. Call me weak or spoiled. I had to escape. I held off as long as I could, but in the end I found myself standing on the outside. I looked back at that sliver of window from the street. I enjoyed the fresh air again.

I took my first steps onto the uncertain path of following my passions. I look back all the time. I won’t lie, this life can be a struggle. I have a wife and two kids. Me traveling around, working odd jobs and taking up every interest isn’t a gleaming symbol of stability. But it’s who I am. I wouldn’t have my family or friends know me any other way.

My writing

I’ve been writing on and off for years. But I always thought my writing was too raw. I have pages and pages of work lost in old notebooks. Things I planned to polish up. I honestly don’t know how. Every time I try it turns into some over fluffed garbage I don’t even recognize. It loses my voice. Which if you know anything about writers, we’re narcissists, we like to hear our own voice.

So everything stayed hidden away in my notes. To be lost as I moved around or traveled. Destroyed in the washing machine. Or even thrown away. Who honestly keeps the random note crumbled up in their pocket?

Maybe I was shy. Maybe I didn’t think my writing was good enough. Either way here it is. I finally decided to stop doing the off part. The raw writing with no polish. I am removing a significant amount of vulgarity though.

Too long didn’t read

I’m a dreamer set on traveling the world. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. Now I plan on writing about it. Who knows, maybe I’ll have some useful info.