Long prologue, skip at will

I’ve never been a big whiskey guy. I keep telling myself I haven’t found the right one. Or maybe I just need a little time. Truth be told, I doubt I’ll ever really come around. There’s something about the first drink you overdo. If your lucky, the stomach ache comes with a mix of nostalgia and embarrassment.

For me the drink was a Manhattan. I was young and pretentious. Still am. Drinking whiskey neat seemed undignified. No I needed to make a proper drink. Always impress mixed company, right?

Ask any bartender and they’ll tell you. Manhattans are an alcoholic’s drink. It’s a recipe to open that whiskey up and expand the flavors. It’s to be nursed and enjoyed. It’s definitely not a party drink to kill a few bottles with. Young and dumb.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to the blissful joy that is screaming kids. They didn’t seem to understand my closed eyes. 6 in the morning and I’m in chambers debating the case of the stolen toy.

8 am and I already want a drink. Maybe two. My liquor cabinet is filled but I can’t remember any recipes. All I see is a bottle of Knob Creek. Undignified to drink whiskey neat. Especially at 8.

My Recipe: Sunday Perfect Manhattan

Rocks glass

Fill with ice

1/8 oz Sweet & Dry Vermouth

Dash Angostura bitters

2 oz Whiskey

Squeeze of orange

Orange twist garnish

Shake or stir?

In the rocks glass? you stir. If you want to get fancy you can do it straight up. Throw everything but the garnish in a shaker and pour it into a chilled cocktail glass.

Why the orange?

Oranges always have a morning feel to them. If I had some orange bitters I might have played around a little more. Plus I didn’t have a lemon. The store isn’t far but the orange was right next to me. If you want a traditional Perfect Manhattan, take out the orange squeeze and swap the orange twist for a lemon twist.

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